Where the heart of the Mediterranean beats with orient vibes

Our mission is to connect people through food and create mindfulness experiences. We choose from the best the world has to offer and explore new and unique flavours in a magical setting.

Tastes that amplify your senses

From the moment we first stepped off the ship at the port of Paroikia on the beautiful Island of Paros, we knew this would be our island. Our eyes were drawn to the stunning, fully white scenery, reflecting the Aegean sea.

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Every day is special, but some are meant to last forever in our hearts!
We love to take care of your special days.
Let us take care of all the organization for you! Our team has the ability to handle a variety of events.
As the night picks up we won’t be surprised if you decide to get up and start dancing…Let the music move you, sing out loud and let your wishes fly. Under the stars everything may come true!
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